Freelance Designer

Alfredo Aponte

I am a product designer who uses human-centered methods to creatively solve problems and find new innovation opportunities.

My goal is to help clients shape, design, and develop their ideas and products in a way that benefits both them and their target audience.

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Recent Highlight

International Center
of Photography

We reimagined how a cultural institute can be experienced online by focusing on human needs rather than organizational politics.

2015 - Creative & UX Lead
Awwwards Site of the Year + 6 more awards

The Hobbit: A Journey
through Middle-earth

Middle-earth was brought to life using WebGL and WebRTC in an immersive experience where fans can explore the map, follow the Heroes, and join battles.

2014 - Creative & UX Lead
Golden Pencil for UX Design + 14 more awards

Google Chrome & LEGO:
Build with Chrome

Forget the plastic bins of bricks. Build with Chrome is a digital builder that allows you to build with LEGO bricks anywhere in the world right from your browser.

2014 - Creative Direction, UX Lead, Design Research
Creative Collaboration

PayPal: Future Vision of
the Digital Wallet

We were invited to envision the future of mobile payments and inspire PayPal’s new design team. A creative exercise that led to further collaboration.

2014 - UX Lead & Design Research
Digital Museum


A digital museum dedicated to honoring the authentic heritage of adidas by highlighting products, historical athletic events, brand ambassadors, and its rich archive.

2012 - UX Lead & Design Research
FWA People’s Choice + 9 more awards

Chrome Experiment
Rome, 3 Dreams of Black

This interactive film, written and directed by Chris Milk, was developed in WebGL and fully optimized to showcase the possibilities of the modern web.

2011 - UX Lead
Interactive Billboard

LG Good News

Good News came to life in Times Square with an interactive billboard featuring a digital character that reacted and communicated with the NYC public.

2010 - UX Lead & Design Research
Medical Robots


We collaborated with doctors and surgeons about how to design the future of medical assistive tools, resulting in new design guidelines for heads-up display.

2009 - UX, UI, Design Research



Online Course

Exploring the UX Process with Mobile Game Prototyping

2014 – Pluralsight

Designing for People,
Not Features

2013 – IKRa Creative Workshop

Curve (UX)

2013 – IKRa Creative Workshop

Enhancing Experiences
with Animations

2012 – Hyper Island: Master Class



I am open to speaking about design and other work opportunities.

If you make things with thoughtfulness and care aboutthe people you are designing for, then we’ll probably get along well. Please say hello!